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About Us

About Us


ES Fashion was founded in 2005. This is a well-known brand that leads the fashion trend of women in Malaysia. Our team focuses on women's beauty, clothing, and health needs, and creates many related HOT-selling products. In serving the needs of women, our team has 15 years of experience and has received many praises.

In order to further refine the beauty of women, we established a new brand company Minacs Sdn. Bhd. in 2020, which uses the latest technology to design high-quality products. The first hot-selling product series under this company is called Lanmis.

Lanmis means "LOVE" in the Caribbean language, and "LOVE" is the core value of our products.

Our team hopes to give women the highest quality experience, our team adheres to the five principles of high convenience, high safety, high quality, high technology and high evaluation, as well as ultra-affordable and ultra-attentive services, and dedicated to launch Lanmis Nano Magnetic Eyelashes to satisfy women" The perfect life of "LOVE and BEAUTY"!

"LASHES" make everything "BEAUTY".

Let’s start with the easy-to-use Lanmis Nano Magnetic Eyelashes!




Introduction of Lanmis Nano Magnetic Eyelashes

In 2020, Korea’s latest technology magnetic eyelashes, using N42 permanent nano-magnets, this product can definitely design "Glamorous Eyelashes" for you!

Get started in 15 minutes, everyone can become an eyelashes artist!

Never waste time to make an appointment with an eyelash artist. Any woman can easily learn how to put on Lanmis eyelashes in two seconds. In addition to saving expensive eyelash extension costs, even the cost of mascara and makeup remover will be saved in the future.

No longer need to endure the pain of eyelash extension!

To subvert the tradition that women love beauty must suffer. Lanmis eyelashes use glue-free, care for your skin around your eyes, no need to worry about allergies, no need to worry about your eyelashes falling out, this magnetic eyelashes using the scientific principle of magnetic positive and negative poles, it can easily paste and remove, completely get rid of all the inconveniences that affect bathing and sleep after traditional eyelash extension. All the women who have tried Lanmis admit that they feel that they will never do traditional eyelash extension anymore!

N42 has high magnetic attraction, even with a level 7 wind!

Adhering to the principle of using high technology to promote high quality, Lanmis eyelashes use nano-N42 magnets. The magnetic force is controlled at 16-18 gauss so that the design is extremely in line with the eye contour and can fit stably, even if the wind is stronger, the eyelashes will not blow off. In addition, the eyelash storage box has a magnetizing effect, which can ensure the permanent magnetism of your magnetic eyelashes.

The extremely natural and bright 100% Korean premium mink fur!

Korean mink fur, which is highly similar to real eyelashes in the world, it has been highly praised since its production. The fur is supple, showing natural luster, and the tip is slightly warped, light as feathers, showing a charming style.

Subvert the traditional eyelash extension, one-time purchase, convenient use throughout the year!

Technological innovation can bring greater happiness to women. Since Anna Taylor invented artificial eyelashes in 1911, the revolution of Lanmis eyelash beauty technology is the second beauty history of women becoming more independent, confident, and glamorous.

Lanmis, promises the highest quality and a more affordable price. Maybe this is the best experience that God has given you to be loved and cared for in the world.